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 We will be awarding over $139,050 in cash for the three LOC Derbies in 2015!

New for 2015!

$900 in Daily Cash Prizes in the Fall LOC

2015 Fall LOC Dates August 21st - Sept 7th

For a complete breakdown of prize payout click HERE.
Salmon must weigh 25 lbs for entry in the Fall  Derby and trout must weigh 10 lbs. This applies to divisional AND Daily prizes. 


If you are required to attend the awards ceremony, you will receive your prize winnings at that time. For all other winners of $600 or above we MUST get an IRS form W-9 before we can send your check. You can download a form HERE.
Please Fax, email or send via USPS to:
LOC Derby
PO Box 472
Ontario NY 14519
FAX: 315-333-5295
email: locderby@aol.com

Friday 8/28/2015. Glenn Bird of Barker NY reeled in the new Grand a Prize leader of 30 lbs 11 oz and weighed it in at the Slippery Sinker in Olcott.

Glenn was fishing aboard his boat the "Angry Bird" and caught the fish on a Pro Troll E-chip Flasher and Green Hammer A-TOM-MIK fly.

14-year-old Lee Brannon took the early lead on day one in the 2015 Fall LOC Derby for the $25,000 Grand Prize with a 28 lb King Salmon weighed in at Woody's Tackle in Port Ontario. Lee won the $500 Big fish of the day and is leading in the salmon youth award. Nice fish Lee!

July 26th 1:00 PM   - John Monroe of Rochester, NY hauled in a 28 lb 8 oz beauty to win the 2015 Summer LOC Derby. John won the $10,000 grand prize, $1000 for the weekly and the $500 LOTSA Prize plus two Penn Squall line counter reels, a $260 value.

John caught his fish with a Spin Dr/A-TOM-MIK fly combo fishing aboard the Blackjaw and weighed the fish in at The Slippery Sinker in Olcott

July 18th - Brian Greyson of Gasport, NY took over the lead in the Steelhead division with a 16 lb 9 oz fish weighed in at the Boat Doctors in Olcott.

July 11th  Daniel Manti of Cortland, NY takes over the lead for the $10,000  Grand Prize in the Summer LOC Derby. He weighed the 27 lb king in at Larry's Oswego Salmon Shop. Daniel is also leading in the $1000 Weekly prize!

Jeffrey Kimball of Oriskany Falls, NY and his 17 lb 13 oz Brown that is currently leading in the Brown Division in the  Summer LOC Derby. Jeffrey caught his fish on a  Stinger spoon aboard the Miss Fitt and weighed it in at Larry's Salmon Shop in Oswego. 

     A great day was had fishing aboard the Escape today, June 20th. John Stanton III (Top Left) of Rochester, NY took over the lead in the Lake Trout Division with a 23 lb 14 oz beauty.
    Top right is Keith Tessier of Hilton NY with a 17 lb 15 oz Lake trout and in the foreground is Brian Gambell of Hilton, NY with a 19 lb 10 oz Lake trout. All fish made the Leader board and were weighed in at Narby's in Oak Orchard. 

Mike Hay of Lake Luzerne, NY won the $15,000 cash Grand Prize plus a $500 daily prize in the 2015 Spring LOC Derby. Mike weighed in his 24 lb 9 oz LOC Derby Leader at Wilson Boatyard in Wilson, NY. 

Hay Takes Spring LOC Derby to School

 By Bill Hilts, Jr.

              For the fishing trio of Mike Hay of Lake Luzerne, Scott Keeler of Lake Luzerne and Randy Savage of Queensbury, going to school proved to be the ticket to success as they combined to collect the $15,000 Grand Prize check in the spring Lake Ontario Counties Trout and Salmon Derby held May 1-10, 2015. Hay was the angler reeling in the fish, a 24 pound, nine ounce salmon caught the last Saturday of the derby for some last-minute heroics. It was weighed in at Wilson after catching the fish on the Niagara Bar and Hay was the one who collected the check at the awards ceremony at Sodus Bay on May 10, but it will be split three ways in the end.

               “We were fishing the Niagara Bar that Saturday morning around 7:30 am when the fish hit,” said the retired UPS worker, used to carrying around big packages. This one screamed out over 400 feet of line like it was nothing and the fight was on. The bait of choice was a white and green dot spin doctor and a Pro-Am fly, using a diver set at 125 feet back on a No. 2 setting. They were fishing out of Keeler’s 19-foot Triumph boat named “Dirty Hooker.” It took Hay a half hour to bring the fish in.

               As far as credit, they pointed a finger at the Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association’s Salmon School held during the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo last January. They attended the school and were so impressed with the area and the school that they decided to fish on the Niagara Bar and give it a go. The rest is history. “We love the Niagara Bar,” said Hay as he accepted the cash and the trophy.

               First place in the salmon division was Lee Beaton of Clifton Springs with a 24 pound Niagara Bar king. He was fishing with Jim Skolny of Manchester and Gary Erb of Williamson out of Skolny’s 22-foot Wellcraft named “Dodger,” which he announced that it was for sale at the awards ceremony. “Fishing was awesome all week for us and this is the biggest spring salmon that I’ve ever caught,” said Beaton. They were using a Frostbite pattern Michigan Stinger spoon on a downrigger, 55 feet down over 70 feet of water when the bruiser hit. It took him about 20 minutes to bring it in before they headed to the weigh station at Youngstown Harbor. “It was chaos when the fish hit and I’m glad we were able to bring the big king to the boat.” Their catch earned them $2,500.

               Second place in the Salmon Division and the early leader in the derby was Nicholas Glosser of Amherst while fishing with Team Thrillseeker and Capt. Vince Pierleoni of Newfane. Also on board were Stephanie Pierleoni and Tanner Niezgoda of Newfane. Fishing out of Pierleoni’s 35-foot Viking “Thrillseeker 2” in the first King of the Lake Tournament of the Year out of St. Catharines, Ontario, the team ran to the U.S. side of the Niagara Bar, starting first in the shallows with stickbaits off flat lines on planer boards. They used the same program with a Live Target black and white stickbait on the drop off to take the big 23 pound, 14 ounce king – the only fish that they caught on the surface like that over 70 feet of water. It was still worth $1,500 in prize money. Glosser took 20 minutes to reel the fish in, helping them to place third in the tournament as well. Of the top 21 salmon in the derby, 17 were caught out of Niagara County.

               First place lake trout was Casey Prisco of Matamoras, Pennsylvania with a 24 pound, one ounce fork tail taken out in front of Wilson. The amazing thing for the “Dirty Goose” team that consisted of Emily Prisco, Kevin Keller and Justin Borowitz was that they were salmon fishing, focusing on the spring king bite. “We hauled in over 150 salmon for the week but nothing big enough to make the board,” said Prisco, who runs a 30-foot Pursuit Offshore. “The same program produced 250 lake trout during the week including the divisional winner.” The laker was worth $1,200. It was caught on a green Dirty Goose spoon, something Prisco helped develop with Finger Lakes Tackle. The team also took an 11th place lake trout when Rob Ripka of Pulaski was on board mid-week. The spoon was an orange Dirty Goose spoon. “Fishing was great this week,” said Prisco. “We put our time in. We fished 98 hours this week.” It was the biggest lake trout that he’s ever caught. It came off a downrigger, 60 feet down over 140 feet of water.

               Second place lake trout was a 23 pound, six out fish reeled in by Charlie Eulitt of Oak Harbor, Ohio while fishing out of Olcott. Fishing out of his 30-foot Baha “Good Time Charlie” east of Olcott, they hooked into the runner-up money winner 65 feet down over 110 feet of water off the Microwave Tower around 10:30 am. It was the biggest lake trout of his life. He was fishing with Chris Roff of Erie, Pennsylvania. The lucky lure was a UV Michigan Stinger magnum blue dolphin spoon, caught off the rigger.

               Top youth lake trout angler was Jacob Mehegan of Wolcott with a 20 pound, 8 ounce fish caught off Oswego while fishing with his dad, Jim, and Capt. Andy Grisenthwaite of Liverpool with Broad Horizons Charters. It was the biggest lake trout ever for the 10 year old fifth grader. “I don’t know how long it took me to bring it in but I remember it tired me out.” Dad said it was about 20 minutes.

               Big brown trout was a 16 pound, 10 ounce fish taken by Mike Wichtowski of Rochester taken near Devil’s Nose near Sandy Creek. He as fishing with Jeff Coyle of Hamlin aboard his 20-foot Crestliner named “Reel Peace.” “We were in 70 feet of water in front of Devil’s Nose using a flasher-fly behind our wire diver 85-feet back on a No. 3 setting when the fish hit,” said Wichtowski, who won the brown trout division four years ago. “I thought it was a king it hit so hard.” He won $1,200 cash for the trophy fish.

               Second and third place brown trout were connected with father and son. Arin Keegan of Sackets Harbor was fishing with Peter Priest of Watertown off Point Peninsula near Chaumont Bay when they hit a big 15 pound, six ounce brown. They motored in to weigh their catch at Henchen Marine and pick up Arin’s dad, John. That’s when the father caught a 13 pound, three ounce brown that ended up in third place. On the same trip, they also caught a 19th place walleye that Priest weighed in. The second place fish was caught on a Michigan Stinger spoon 150 feet back behind boards over 25 feet of water; the third place was caught on a Thunderstick using the same program. It was Arin’s birthday at the awards ceremony, a nice present for the Jefferson County angler.

Big walleye for the derby was hauled in by Travis Parker of Glen Park, a 12 pound, 13 ounce fish taken near Point Peninsula near the Black River. He was fishing with Skip LaVancha of Dexter and Paul Erdner of Watertown on opening weekend out of Erdner’s 18-foot Polarcraft. Placing a perch-colored Husky Jerk 130 feet back behind the planer boards did the trick for them. It was 9 am and they were over 26 feet of water. The reason they picked this particular spot was because they had caught a big walleye there last fall and they had wished for a similar one. That wish came true, resulting in Parker’s biggest walleye ever and earning a check for $1,200.

Second place walleye went to Gene Bolton of Watertown with an 11 pound, five ounce fish he took in the Henderson Harbor area on a Husky Jerk off a board. He moved into second place when the previous second place angler failed to show at the awards night.

Top youth was 13 year old Jared Difrancesco of Baldwinsville. His 10 pound walleye, the biggest he’s ever caught in his life, placed in 16th overall. It came from Point Peninsula while fishing with his dad, Peter, Frank Spina of Solvay and Tony Chatt of West Monroe. Peter also reeled in a 10 pound, nine ounce ‘eye to take 9th place overall. The “secret” bait was a black and chrome Bomber stickbait for both fish. Chatt also placed 6th in the Salmon Division with a 21 pound, 14 ounce king.

Lee Beaton of Clifton Springs NY hauls in a 24 lb even King Salmon and won $2500 in the Spring LOC Derby.

Lee caught his fish on a Michigan Stinger and weighed it in at Youngstown Marina.

Kenneth Champagne (left) of Chillicothe OH finished 4th in the Spring LOC Derby and won fish of the day for a total of $1075 plus $1000 from LOTSA and is pictured with his fishing partner Brian Marketich (right) with a 23 lb 4 oz King.

Travis Parker of Glen Park NY won  the Walleye division with a 12 lb 13 oz walleye weighed in at Henchen's Marina in Henderson Harbor. Great fish Travis!

Nicholas Glosser of Amherst NY (Right) took 2nd place in the 2015 LOC Spring Derby with a 23 lb 14 oz Salmon caught aboard Thrillseeker 2 with Captain Vince Pierleoni, pictured on the left. Nicholas weighed his catch at the Wilson Boatyard in Wilson NY.

Brian Marketich (Right) of Beaver Falls, PA took took 5th place in the Salmon Division with a 22 lb 8 oz beauty weighed in at Youngstown Marina. Brian was fishing with his long time fishing partner Kenneth Champagne of Chillicothe Ohio (who took 4th place in the Salmon division) aboard the Outfitter. 

Check out the newest LOC Derby Weigh in station at Wilson Harbor. Good luck to all in the LOC Derbies for 2015!

Bootleggers Cove from David Chilson on Vimeo.

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